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Mother of triplets Arūnė Simanavičienė: "We all have the same 24 hours, it's just up to us how we use them"
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Yogi and nutritionist Renata Malina: "Motherhood helps you find a direction for your life"


Renata Baliukevič, better known in the sports world as Raspberry, is happy that her knowledge and skills are trusted by well-known Lithuanian women who seek help to get back in shape after pregnancy. However, he remembers that the path to today's achievements was not easy.

"When I had my first child, I had no education other than high school. At that time, immediately after independence, higher education was not even popular for women to think about. After graduating from high school, I immediately started working. I transported Lithuanian amber to Poland and Germany. And although my husband and I planned children, they were born out of love, but when my daughter was born, I was shocked. It seems that only then did I realize how much motherhood demands. It seemed to me that my life, both social and personal, was over." Renata tells about her first impressions of motherhood, for the project "Becoming a mother, I discovered myself".

Then I immediately decided that I had to start studying, although I didn't even know what exactly - the woman remembers. I wanted to prove to someone that I could do something, that I could get involved. This happens to many women, as if motherhood sucks you out of the environment, isolates you, and you want to prove something to everyone. Realizing how many psychological twists there are in the thinking of both women and men, she decided to choose a science that analyzes it - social psychology.

"After completing these studies, I took up other subjects - physical education. My whole life was constantly connected with sports, I had started training, but I wanted to become a professional trainer. So I got an education in the field of physical education. And seeing how often people have nutritional problems and struggle with being overweight, I decided to complete a third degree in dietetics as well," says the nutritionist and trainer. Raspberry.

The woman remembers that when her daughter was 5 months old, she even decided to start not only studies, but also work. And she is happy that her mother and husband helped her a lot to catch up everywhere. While trying to acquire even three high attainments, Renata managed to have a second child. And, although from the outside it would seem that the woman was handling her life well, sadness and signs of depression visited her as well.

"I remember sitting at home with my two children, my son is only a few months old, and I was looking through the People magazine, and all the women there were so beautiful, accomplished, and had their own businesses and careers. Even younger than me. And I sit holding my head and feeling sorry for myself - what am I? I don't even know what I want to be..." - Renata remembers the difficult periods.

Throughout that period, she was looking for herself, trying to understand what she wanted to be, because just being a mother did not satisfy her. Remembering how she saw many women in her environment who, after becoming mothers, forgot themselves and gradually sank into sadness, Renata decided that this would not happen to her. And when the second child was a year old, Renata became a professional trainer, nutritionist and is happy to be able to help other women fight not only with overweight and nutritional problems, but also to be a good psychologist while doing sports with them.

"Even weight problems sometimes prevent women from achieving their goals and take away their confidence. That's why I'm especially happy that I can help them in various ways - beautify their body lines, deal with nutritional problems and inspire faith in their own strength. And if my story contributes to that, then it's great!" Renata happily concludes her story for the project Raspberry.