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Mother of triplets Arūnė Simanavičienė: "We all have the same 24 hours, it's just up to us how we use them"
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TV rescuer Gerda Žemaitė: "After giving birth to my son, I thought that was it, my life was over"

"Although my son is already a teenager, he is fifteen years old, but I still clearly remember that feeling of the ground slipping from under my feet, when I first realized that I was expecting" - Gerda Žemaitė begins her story for the project organized by "Canywhere" "I became a mother, I discovered myself". .
"I won't hide it, my son was not planned at that time, what am I planning here, when you are only twenty-one years old. My then husband and I had many plans. When I found out I was expecting, I already had my tickets in hand and planned to work on a cruise ship. And here she is pregnant. Everything turned upside down." - the TV rescuer shares her memories.

The woman says that as soon as she gave birth to a child and saw how demanding the newborn is, she felt that everything, life is over, now she won't even have time to take a shower. And he is happy that when he returned home, his mother, who was not working at the time and could devote a lot of time to his grandson, helped a lot.

The first months were still not easy, Gerda remembers that her son cried a lot, it was difficult to put him to sleep, and she jokes that even the neighbors expressed sympathy when they met him in the stairwell. But being at home, taking long walks outside, was quite fun at first. Until the baby was 10 months old. Then the young mother felt that all that motherly routine was starting to weigh on her. After all, it is youth itself, career dreams, which seemed to be getting further and further away.

"Then I found a nanny among my friends and decided to look for a job. I found it quite quickly, according to my specialty. I started working as an administrator in a large company, but after a few months of work I realized that it was not for me. I always dreamed of the stage, so I tried to enter the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater. Sorry, it was not possible to enter. But I didn't get upset, I went straight to the theater in Marijampolė and asked them to give me a role" - recalls Gerda, not surprised by her courage.

The woman got the role, initially a small one, later she even got the main roles. But that was not enough. G. Žemaitė remembers that she kept dreaming about television. So he finished journalism courses at VU and started working at Marijampolė television. This is how, step by step, receiving invitations from other television stations and television projects, she ended up where she is now - she works on the show "TV Pagja", she often receives offers, and hosts other television shows as well.

"In the beginning, it was really scary, how to leave a baby who is less than a year old, how to decide to work when you have been out of the labor market for a while. Finally, it was scary to think about how to balance motherhood and work, because both take a lot of time. However, when you really want to, you find strength and determination in yourself, and the circumstances somehow arrange themselves and become favorable. You just have to not be afraid and take the first step" - Gerda ends her story inspiringly, who, not afraid of an unplanned pregnancy, is raising a wonderful son. And she is happy that a second child is coming into her life, which is much braver to wait for.