Occasional dress for nursing ROYAL moss
Occasional dress for nursing ROYAL moss
Black t-shirt for breastfeeding
Black t-shirt for breastfeeding
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Yellow tunic for nursing Crossed

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♥ Tunic for nursing "Crossed" - free style, high-quality knitwear with fluff.

♥ Large, cozy and stylish hood.

♥ 2 hidden zippers on the front - convenient for breastfeeding.

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Yellow tunic for nursing - Soft, cozy and insanely stylish

Soft, pastel, gentle and so cozy that you want to hug and cuddle like a teddy bear. That's exactly what this one is yellow tunic for nursing Crossed. And her cuteness and gentleness are certainly not her only advantages. Let's face it, she's also very stylish. Oversize type, with wide, comfortable sleeves, a deep "kangaroo pocket" in which not only phones, keys and pacifiers, but also mother's hands fit comfortably. A large hood is not only a beautiful design element. It is very comfortable to put on when the wind hits or even a light rain.

Nursing clothes can be beautiful

When communicating with mothers, we often hear that they miss clothes that would not only be comfortable to feed the baby in, but also make them feel beautiful. Breastfeeding clothing available on the market is often very conservative. It's as if it wasn't created for young, energetic mothers enjoying life, but for middle-aged women. That's why we create clothes that mothers would be happy to wear. Which would add confidence and be easily combined with other clothes in the closet. Which would reflect the inner state of a woman - she is a Mother. Beautiful, happy, loving. After all, after looking at this yellow tunic for nursing mothers, which itself glows like the sun, you want to wear it and glow together.

The clothes we create are not for a short phase, but for long and happy wearing

We always choose fabrics that can be washed often and not be afraid that they will wear out quickly. We know that the breastfeeding period often lasts less than a year, so women often hesitate whether it is worth investing in such a garment for a few months. We always answer such a question - it is not only worthwhile, but also necessary. Because these clothes will not only bring comfort to your everyday life, but will definitely last long after the breastfeeding function is no longer relevant. And the tunic can be worn again pregnancy period, as a wide garment will comfortably accommodate a round belly. And it is not necessary to buy separate ones at all clothes for pregnant women.


  • Cotton: 65%
  • Polyester: 35%


Fabric from which it is made tunic CROSSED –  knitwear with fluff on the inside. Such knitwear is a high-quality, single-knitted material. Due to its softness, fluffiness and obedience when sewing, this fabric is especially suitable for sewing leisure clothes. Clothes made from this material are pleasant to wear, durable, easy to wash and perfectly absorb and evaporate moisture, allowing the body to breathe.

Maintenance:  Until the first washes, the fluff on the inside will leave its fluffy marks on the clothes worn under the tunic for a while. However, they are very easily removed with a lint remover. And after the first washes, fluffing will disappear. Tunic you can wash it in the washing machine, but it is not advisable to use high revolutions for spinning. Drying in the dryer is also possible, but it should be remembered that drying in it accelerates the wear and tear of any garment.

Additional information
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 10 cm




Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Geltona tunika maitinančioms Crossed

  1. Liked it!

    Unreal cozy and comfortable!

  2. Nice tunic

    Great tunic, very comfortable, warm and with a large pocket where things don't fall out. The hood protects against the wind 🙂

  3. Egle Okocke

    I am very satisfied with the tunic, the color is perfect, and it has everything a nursing mother needs for a walk, a pocket, a hood, the length of the tunic, warmth and coziness, and zippers for feeding. Thank you so much for creating such beautiful ones. I would love to buy more of your creations.
    One note about the tunic, I think it would be a little more comfortable if the zippers were a little more open. 😉👌

  4. Julia Markarian

    Very comfortable rub! Only the inner part of the fabric fluffs up a lot, but after wearing it for a longer time, I hope it will rub off and the fluff will no longer get on the other side 🙂

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