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White T-shirt for nursing
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Yellow leisure shorts

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♥ Yellow leisure shorts - soft, stylish and comfortable

♥ Goes well with a casual shirt

♥ Adjustable length.


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Yellow leisure shorts - for bright and comfortable leisure time

Yellow leisure shorts - this is a garment that will not only color your everyday life, but also bring lightness and comfort to it. Made of soft, high-quality terry, it allows your body to breathe and does not restrict your movements. Of course, at first glance, these shorts do not have any special features that are necessary for nursing mothers. So absolutely all women and girls can wear them. However, we decided to sew them in order to make it easier for all our customers to create their clothing range. Or rather, we try to sew all the clothes that a mother might need so that she can easily buy all the outfits in one place. And the clothes should match each other. For example, these yellow shorts go perfectly with yellow tunic for nursing, with the jumpers so loved by customers Slogan. Or with our new T-shirt, adapted for breastfeeding. So, when you buy a few of the clothes we design, they will go together perfectly, it will be easy to create stylish combinations and feel comfortable.

Yellow casual shorts - because yellow is now more fashionable than ever

Although in creation we never try to chase fast fashion, and we don't create clothes that suddenly jump to the top of fashion and quickly leave them. However, we are always interested in and follow trends in colors and styles. In order to create clothes that not only last a long time, but also look stylish. This year, 2021, yellow color continues to reign among the most popular. So we decided to include it in our assortment. Although our more observant customers have noticed for a long time that our assortment is dominated by pastel colors or the eternal classic - black. However, we decided that yellow casual shorts in our assortment will fit perfectly and bring color and playfulness into our customers' everyday life. It is true that yellow shorts, unlike black leisure shorts, do not have pockets. For two very simple reasons. First, the yellow fabric is light, so when you sew in the inner pockets, they shine through and are visible, which does not flatter the shorts or yours. Second, when there are pockets, they are so tempting to put your hands in. And these, as you know, can quickly stain the fabric around the pockets. So we left only the imitation pockets to make the shorts look stylish. However, we did not include the pockets themselves - in the name of beauty and practicality.


  • Cotton: 80%
  • Polyester: 20%

Fabric from which to sew leisure shorts – knitted fabric. Clothes made from this material are pleasant to wear, durable, easy to wash and perfectly absorb and evaporate moisture, allowing the body to breathe. Perfect for sewing casual wear.

Maintenance:  Shorts you can wash it in the washing machine, but it is not advisable to use high revolutions for spinning. It is also possible to dry in a dryer, but you must remember that drying in it accelerates the wear and tear of any garment.

Additional information
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 10 cm

S, M, L



Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Geltoni laisvalaikio šortai

  1. Alla J.

    Very stylish shorts, perfect quality and color. Thank you! Really a very nice purchase!

  2. Anonymous

    Great, stylish and very comfortable model and perfect color. I'm not even talking about quality. That is perfect! Thank you!

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