Linen dress for nursing Clove pink
Linen Nursing Dress CLOVE PINK
Nursing dress SPOTTED CLOVE green
Nursing dress SPOTTED CLOVE green
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A beautiful dress for nursing TWISTY

⇔♥ Straight cut, stylish, fancy, high-quality knitted dress.

♥ Stylish, original and comfortable - for leisure, work, holidays.

♥ 2 hidden zippers on the front - convenient for breastfeeding

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A beautiful nursing dress is no longer a dream, it has become a reality

Beautiful nursing dress Twisty – gorgeous, stylish and very comfortable. Designed for christenings or other warm season holidays. Pair this nursing dress with high heels for a gorgeous, flattering line. But we promise that this one is gorgeous a dress For nursing mothers, Twisty is not a one-time garment. If you match it with light casual or sports-style shoes, a leather or denim jacket, you will have a great casual outfit.

A beautiful dress for nursing, which is also perfect for leisure

The dress is made of thick, high-quality, soft "Punto" knitwear, so it will definitely be comfortable not only during the holiday, but also in your free time.  Dress has a straight cut, the lower part is carefully hand-decorated with flower petal imitation details. The slightly elevated neck is ideal for women with larger breasts, but it will also perfectly decorate women and girls of other shapes.

Traditionally, hidden zippers sewn in the chest area are practically invisible, but they will perfectly perform their function and serve when your little one is hungry. You will be able to feed him comfortably wherever you are, because the zippers will not expose the entire breast, but reveal just enough to meet the needs of the hungry little one.


  • Viscose: 80%
  • Elastane: 10%
  • Polyester: 10%

This a dress quite versatile, so you can wear it in your free time, dress up for work or dress up for the holidays.

The material from which it is made a dress – Punto knitwear is a thicker fabric that is used to sew various clothes. This fabric has long been loved by tailors and began to be widely used in sewing dresses, blouses, skirts, jackets and other clothes.

In its properties, the fabric is similar to cotton, but compared to cotton, it is softer and gentler, less pilling, and particularly breathable. The fabric does not heat up when it is hot, it is gentle, soft, light, does not generate electricity.

Maintenance: if the dress If you are going to wash in a washing machine, choose a gentle washing program. Wash with mild detergents, liquid soap. Do not use conditioners, softeners. If you wash by hand, we advise you not to soak, wash at low temperature, wring carefully, dry in a horizontal position (never in a dryer). After drying, they must be smoothed so that the product regains its original appearance.

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