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Neoprene jumper for nursing ZEBRA
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Neoprene jumper for nursing BLACK

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♥ Large hood protects against wind
♥ No small plastic parts on the laces
♥ Thanks to the practical fabric, the sweater can be worn all year round, it is a garment suitable for every season

♥ 2 hidden zippers on the front - convenient for breastfeeding


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Neoprene jumper for nursing BLACK - the most popular and practical garment

Neoprene jumper feeding black - is completely ours best seller. Since the first days when we introduced it to our customers, it has been breaking all records of popularity. True, you really do not have to go through the fact that you will meet every second woman on the street with this outfit. All our clothes are sewn by hand, not in a factory. Therefore, the quantities they sew are quite small, compared to large manufacturers. So you will definitely be able to enjoy a limited edition, exclusive garment.

Black neoprene sweater for nursing - why is it so popular?

We have a clear answer to this question - because it is simply a set of benefits. First, its extremely practical color. Of course, black after all, in motherhood there is that color that safely "hides" an accidentally appeared stain, which cannot be washed off. It is true that this fabric does not get stains easily. Because liquids that get on the fabric simply run away from it. This is the second advantage of this jumper. And the emerging or old stains are easily washed out of this fabric. There you have learned the third advantage of the sweater.

Not only the fabric, but also the model of this sweater is practical. The large hood provides really good protection from both wind and rain (for a while). And the wet fabric quickly evaporates moisture, so even if it rains, you won't have to wait long for the sweater to dry. The same goes for washing it - it dries in just a few hours and you can quickly enjoy wearing it again. We guarantee that you will be happy.

Also a big advantage, although it seems to be only a small thing, are the drawstrings on the hood of the sweater. Even the smallest children love to play with them while being breastfed. And we made sure that the laces were safe - we didn't put any plastic parts on them. Because babies really like to put laces in their mouths.

We have a number of pregnant women among our clients who, while looking for clothes for pregnant women, discovered these jumpers, and successfully wore them both during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Well, there is also a large pocket in the front, which serves both as a style part and as a convenient place to put all the necessary little things. As we said, it's just perfectly practical.


  • Polyester: 85%
  • Elastane: 15%

Fabric from which it is made jumper - neoprene. It is a fairly thick fabric, so the clothes hold their shape perfectly, the fabric does not show elbows, knees, etc. The clothes fit well and mask imperfections. Neoprene does not wrinkle.

Care: Sweater you can wash it in the washing machine, selecting the fabric-saving mode. At a temperature not higher than 30 degrees. However, do not tumble dry or iron under any circumstances, as heat can damage the fabric. It is enough to shake the washed sweater well and hang it on a hanger. This fabric dries really fast.

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  1. Amber

    A high-quality sweater that I love very much ❤️ Thank you girls for being prompt 🌺❤️

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