Black tunic for nursing "Crossed"
Black tunic for nursing "Crossed"
Pink neoprene sweater for pregnant women
Pink neoprene sweater for pregnant women
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Neoprene jumper for pregnant women BLACK


♥ Large hood protects against wind
♥ No small plastic parts on the laces
♥ Thanks to the practical fabric, the sweater can be worn all year round, it is a garment suitable for every season
♥ 2 hidden zippers on the front - convenient for breastfeeding



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Neoprene sweater for pregnant women BLACK is the most popular garment we create

Neoprene jumper for pregnant women BLACK - one of the most practical clothes that can appear in the closet. We can honestly say that this is one of our most popular clothes, which our customers have appreciated and loved. First of all, thanks to its fabric, you won't find any signs of wear on it, even after several years of wear. Neoprene fabric is actually very resistant to environmental influences, so it lasts for years. Second, it protects against the wind very well. And you really shouldn't catch a cold or catch a cold during pregnancy. Extended loin jumper part overgrown by the wind even when you are bent over. For example, to another baby.

Neoprene sweater for pregnant women BLACK - will serve even after giving birth

Women often hesitate whether it is worth spending money on a garment that will only last a relatively short period of time. For example, only during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Therefore, when creating clothes we try to design them in such a way that they serve both in one period and in others. And for a long time after that. From experience, we say that it will perfectly fit the belly until the last months of pregnancy. And after giving birth, it will become an irreplaceable companion. Because it has two hidden zippers in the front which becomes very useful when needed get to knowi baby However, these zippers are so inconspicuous that even when the breastfeeding function is not relevant, jumper you will be able to continue wearing it successfully. Because, we have no doubt, its convenience and practicality will really impress you. We meet our customers who happily tell us that they have been wearing a sweater for several years and it still looks like new. Or maybe it could even be "inherited" by a friend who has had or is expecting a baby?



  • Polyester: 85%
  • Elastane: 15%

Fabric from which it is made jumper - neoprene. It is a fairly thick fabric, so the clothes hold their shape perfectly, the fabric does not show elbows, knees, etc. The clothes fit well and mask imperfections. Neoprene does not wrinkle.

Care: Sweater you can wash it in the washing machine, selecting the fabric-saving mode. At a temperature not higher than 30 degrees. However, do not tumble dry or iron under any circumstances, as heat can damage the fabric. It is enough to shake the washed sweater well and hang it on a hanger. This fabric dries really fast.

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