Neoprene jumper for nursing BLACK
Neoprene jumper for nursing BLACK
Burgundy neoprene nursing dress
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Neoprene jumper for nursing ZEBRA

♥ Large hood protects against wind
♥ No small plastic parts on the laces
♥ Thanks to the practical fabric, the sweater can be worn all year round, it is a garment suitable for every season

♥ 2 hidden zippers on the front - convenient for breastfeeding

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Neoprene jumper for feeding ZEBRA brings playfulness to your everyday life

Neoprene jumper feeding Zebra - will become a great and playful detail of your outfit. The ever-popular animal prints will suit those who don't like boring clothes. It is true that you should not overdo it with other parts of your outfit when wearing a zebra print sweater. White or black trousers, jeans or a light skirt will go perfectly with this jumper.

Neoprene jumper for nursing zebra - stylish and not fussy

Although the Zebra jumper may appear to be a capricious garment, we are really happy that this fabric is chosen by brave women of all ages. It's a garment that can be dressed up with classic details, and it's also quick to pair with casual wear. and will become your perfect companion both in nature and on a fun walk in the park or when you visit a cafe with a friend for a cup of coffee. The combination of black and white colors is easy to combine. And the model is practical and comfortable.

We know that customers fell in love with this jumper not only because of the easy-to-match pattern. Its best features are a spacious front pocket, a large hood that protects against rain and wind. And, of course, zippers. They hide so well in the variegated fabric that they are not visible at all. However, they are always ready to help when your little one asks for milk. This jumper, like the rest of our clothing, is very comfortable to breastfeed.


  • Polyester: 85%
  • Elastane: 15%

Fabric from which it is made jumper - neoprene. Despite the fact that it is a non-natural fiber fabric, it has many good properties. It is a fairly thick fabric, so the clothes hold their shape perfectly, the fabric does not show elbows, knees, etc. The clothes fit well and mask imperfections. Neoprene does not wrinkle. If liquid is spilled on the neoprene garment, you can simply drip it off, it will not absorb into the fabric. It is very comfortable because the fabric is elastic, so it does not restrict movement.

Care: Sweater you can wash it in the washing machine, selecting the fabric-saving mode. At a temperature not higher than 30 degrees. However, do not tumble dry or iron under any circumstances, as heat can damage the fabric. It is enough to shake the washed sweater well and hang it on a hanger. This fabric dries really fast.

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