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Neoprene dress for nursing Pouchy Chaos


♥ A comfortable dress with pockets and two slits on the sides allows for comfortable movement and does not restrict movement

♥ Can be worn as a dress or tunic

♥ Soft and comfortable fabric will not let you get cold in cold weather, as it retains heat well

♥ 2 hidden zippers on the front - convenient for breastfeeding


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Neoprene nursing dress Pouchy Chaos - brings color and mood to your everyday life

Neoprene dress feeding pouch is simply a charge of good mood! Bright, floral, colorful. When wearing such a dress, a good mood is guaranteed for both you and those around you. And not because looking at her would make you laugh. And because she is simply very positive. We can say from experience - this neoprene a dress for feeding "Pouchy" is simply compliments magnet! After all, everyone wants to praise a woman who dares to bloom with spring flowers in the middle of winter!

Neoprene dress for nursing Pouchy is made of fabric that will last for years

The neoprene fabric for this dress was chosen for a reason. After all, after purchasing such a bright and moody dress, you would like its colors not to fade after the first few washes. And the neoprene fabric guarantees it. Neoprene - very durable, does not wash, does not fade, does not cover. What is very important for nursing clothes - it removes stains very easily. Even if the stain has "lived" on the garment for a longer time - and it sometimes happens to mothers - it washes out easily enough during regular washing.

Another very important feature of neoprene is that this fabric evaporates moisture well, so it dries quickly after washing. It is true that it is necessary to remember that direct heat damages the fabric, so the dress cannot be put in the dryer or ironed. Because the fabric can shrink or even burn. Anyway, neoprene doesn't wrinkle, so anyway, you don't even need to iron the dress.


  • Polyester: 85%
  • Elastane: 15%

The dress is especially suitable for cool seasons, because it is warm with the dress, but not too hot, because the fabric is breathable.

Fabric from which it is made dress POUCHY - neoprene. Despite the fact that it is a non-natural fiber fabric, it has many good properties. It is a fairly thick fabric, so the clothes hold their shape perfectly, the fabric does not show elbows, knees, etc. The clothes fit well and mask imperfections. Neoprene does not wrinkle. If liquid is spilled on the neoprene garment, you can simply drip it off, it will not absorb into the fabric. It is very comfortable because the fabric is elastic, so it does not restrict movement.

Maintenance:  A dress you can wash it in the washing machine, selecting the fabric-saving mode.

Additional information
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 10 cm

S, M, L



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