Green sporty casual dress for nursing SQUIDs
Green sporty casual dress for nursing SQUIDs
Black sports style dress for nursing SQUID
Black sports style dress for nursing SQUID
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Lilac sports casual dress for breastfeeding SQUID

♥ Sporty and extremely comfortable, suitable for various styles of footwear

♥ With two spacious side pockets

♥ 2 hidden zippers on the sides - convenient for breastfeeding

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Lilac sports casual dress for breastfeeding SQUID

Lilac sports casual dress for breastfeeding SQUID  will appeal to those who like to choose dresses every day. A comfortable, sporty dress with two spacious pockets on the sides is a great choice for a walk in the park with your little one. Or maybe even go to town with a friend for a cup of coffee. The enchanting lilac color reigns at the top of fashion, so be sure to invite at least one item of this color to your wardrobe. True, if you like the color, but you prefer pants more often, come and see us leisure suit SIMPLE, which is the same color. Alternatively, wear this dress as a tunic slings. It will fit perfectly.

Lilac sports leisure dress for breastfeeding SQUID - a comfortable dress for comfortable breastfeeding

If you've already visited our page, you're probably looking clothes adapted for breastfeeding. You will find a lot of them with us, because they all have secret zippers for breastfeeding. Believe me, they are extremely good helpers when wearing a dress. Just unfasten the zipper on the side and the breast will be conveniently accessible. Comfortable for both mother and baby. Two capacious pockets on the sides serve both to store the necessary items and to rest tired hands. The natural fiber fabric fits comfortably to the body and does not restrict movement. And the free-style dress looks really stylish and delicate. You can also choose the green color of this model. You can find it on pby clicking here.


  • Cotton: 1000%

Fabric from which it is made knitted dress for nursing SQUID - looped knitwear currently the most popular and commonly used type of knitwear. Loop knitwear is a high-quality, single-knit material. Due to its elasticity, pleasantness, fluffiness and docility when sewing, this fabric is especially suitable for sewing leisure clothes. Clothes made from this material are pleasant to wear, durable, easy to wash and perfectly absorb and evaporate moisture, allowing the body to breathe. The main advantage of cotton is hygiene, so it is perfect for clothes that come into direct contact with the human body. The material is very practical and does not require special care.

Maintenance:  A dress you can wash it in the washing machine, but it is not advisable to use high revolutions for spinning. It is possible to dry in an electric dryer, but we have to remind you that clothes dried this way wear out faster.

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