Leisure suit for pregnant women
Women's leisure suit for pregnant women CLOUD cappuccino
Pink leisure suit for pregnant women SLOGAN
Pink leisure suit for pregnant women SLOGAN
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Maternity leisure suit CLOUD heavenly

♥ Women's leisure suit for pregnant CLOUD  heavenly – soft, cute and extremely comfortable

♥ With a large and comfortable hood.

♥ Soft waist of the pants - very comfortable for a growing belly.

♥ 2 hidden zippers on the front - convenient for breastfeeding.

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A leisure suit for pregnant women is not only comfortable, but also extremely cute

Leisure suit for pregnant women has already become the most loved clothes. reigning in fashion for several years tops tops among all women, he did not overtake pregnant women either. After all, during this period, it is so necessary that the clothes are extremely comfortable. It wouldn't press anywhere, wouldn't push. But at the same time, you don't want to wear only clothes that resemble tents in their shape. Even during pregnancy, you want to look stylish. So oversized type clothes work well here. Due to their sufficiently wide and loose shapes, they guarantee comfort. However, properly styled, it also looks very stylish. Well, if you choose clothes for pregnant women from the right fabric, it also creates extraordinary comfort. Even this casual suit is made of knitwear with fluff. Which gently caresses the body and is pleasant in contact with the skin. And this is very relevant during pregnancy. When the skin stretches and often becomes sensitive.

A leisure suit for pregnant women will also work for breastfeeding

Probably only a wedding dress is bought for one wear. All other clothes, I would like them to be as easy to fit as possible and to last as long as possible. So we also tried to be chosen leisure suit, would serve not only during pregnancy, but also after it. Therefore, all the clothes we design are adapted for comfortable breastfeeding. So, the garment will continue to serve you well. The sweater has two hidden zippers so you can get to know each other in comfort anywhere and anytime. And of course, even if the breastfeeding function will not be relevant, you can successfully wear the casual suit after giving birth.



  • Cotton: 65%
  • Polyester: 35%
This leisure suit for pregnant women we chose for sewing  knitwear with fluff. Due to its elasticity, pleasantness, fluffiness and docility when sewing, this fabric is especially suitable for sewing leisure clothes. It is not only extremely durable, but also very pleasant to wear. Soft fluff on the inside of the fabric, fits nicely to the body. And warms comfortably. Maintenance:  Lleisure suit  you can wash it in the washing machine, but it is not advisable to use high revolutions for spinning. Leisure suit we do not recommend putting it in an electric dryer, because the dense fabric may shrink during frequent drying. It is better to let the garment wash naturally after hanging it to dry.
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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 10 cm




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