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Cappuccino-colored leisure suit CLOUD
Cappuccino-colored leisure suit CLOUD
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Heavenly leisure suit for nursing CLOUD


♥ Heavenly leisure suit for nursing CLOUD - soft, cute and super comfortable

♥ With a large and comfortable hood.

♥ 2 hidden zippers on the front - convenient for breastfeeding.


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Heavenly leisure suit for nursing CLOUD - like walking on a cloud

Heavenly casual suit feeding CLOUD it just glows with such color that you can fall in love with it alone. You know that feeling when you see a color and the first thought in your head is "yummy"? Well, the kind where you can even eat it, how cute, cozy and beautiful it is color. Well, the color of this suit is exactly that. And if we add the softness, softness, warmth of the fabric - it's perfect combo! A garment that is not only pleasant to wear, but also good to look at. And here we do not push at all. Back when we were developing this heavenly leisure suit for feeding CLOUD, when we wore the test models ourselves, this is exactly the kind of feedback we got ourselves. And we realized that this feeling does not only affect us. Cozy, soft, tender and simply "delicious". And the feeling of wearing it is like walking on a cloud. The suit is made of thick fabric. But so soft and pleasant that when you wear it you feel like you are in a soft cloud.

Heavenly leisure suit for feeding CLOUD - both for cold winter and cozy spring

When creating clothes, we always think about the fact that they should last as long as possible. We try to arrange their models in such a way that we can wear clothes both during the period when a woman is pregnant and when she has already given birth. And this heavenly leisure suit CLOUD is not subject to the season. It will perfectly warm you in the bitter winter, hidden under a coat or jacket. But it will be equally suitable in autumn or spring. Or maybe even on a cooler summer evening. So, we have no doubt that this will become a really loved and very often worn garment.

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  • Cotton: 65%
  • Polyester: 35%


Not for nothing leisure suit feeding CLOUD we chose loop for sewing knitwear - this is currently the most popular and commonly used type of knitwear. Loop knitwear is a high-quality, single-knit material. Due to its elasticity, pleasantness, fluffiness and docility when sewing, this fabric is especially suitable for sewing leisure clothes. Clothes made from this material are pleasant to wear, durable, easy to wash and perfectly absorb and evaporate moisture, allowing the body to breathe. The main advantage of cotton is hygiene, so it is perfect for clothes that come into direct contact with the human body. The material is very practical and does not require special care.

Maintenance:  Lleisure suit  you can wash it in the washing machine, but it is not advisable to use high revolutions for spinning. Leisure suit we do not recommend putting it in an electric dryer, because the dense fabric may shrink during frequent drying.

Additional information
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 10 cm
Sweater size


Pants size


Pants length

Normal, Shorter



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