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Jumper for nursing UNITED pink

♥ Jumper for nursing "United" pink - free-style, high-quality knitted jumper.

♥ Large, cozy and stylish hood.

♥ 2 hidden zippers on the front - convenient for breastfeeding.

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For those who want something cosy, comfortable and stylish, we've created a jumper to feed UNITED pink

It must be admitted that for women who have recently given birth, they really want to finally throw aside loose, wide and, usually, completely shapeless clothes and finally put on something feminine, more fitted and elegant. But the reality is that, after all, the hand reaches first for clothes that provide comfort, do not restrict movement and... are cozy. Therefore, at least in the first months of raising a baby, women usually choose casual clothes. So we tried to create this one, which would combine feminine beauty and complete comfort. This is our pink UNITED jumper. It really is incredibly comfortable and practical - it has a large hood and stylish pockets on the front. But at the same time, it is also very feminine and deliciously pink.

Sweater for nursing UNITED pink - thought out to the smallest detail

Sometimes women are afraid to choose light clothes while raising babies. Naturally, with babies, clothes often get unexpected stains. However, we tried to consider as many life situations as possible and make the jumper as practical as possible. Half of the back of the jumper is black. Often after feeding the baby, we pick him up and put him a little over the shoulder so that he would leaven. This process is often accompanied by more or less regurgitation. Therefore, we made one side black, so that after such surprises, spots would be visible as little as possible. Especially if it happened outside the house and you don't have the opportunity to change clothes. In the front of the sweater, we have installed pockets for various little things that you always need to have at hand. However, we made the inside of the pockets black, so that the clothes would not be stained or stained by the things in there, or by hands that are often put in.



  • Cotton: 90%
  • Elastane: 10%


Fabric from which it is made jumper UNITED - looped knitwear currently the most popular and commonly used type of knitwear. Loop knitwear is a high-quality, single-knit material. Due to its elasticity, pleasantness, fluffiness and docility when sewing, this fabric is especially suitable for sewing leisure clothes. Clothes made from this material are pleasant to wear, durable, easy to wash and perfectly absorb and evaporate moisture, allowing the body to breathe.

Maintenance:  A sweater you can wash it in the washing machine, but it is not advisable to use high revolutions for spinning. It is also possible to dry in a dryer, but you must remember that drying in it accelerates the wear and tear of any garment.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 10 cm




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