Neoprene dress for nursing Pouchy Chaos
Neoprene dress for nursing Pouchy Chaos
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Black knitted dress for nursing MEDUSA
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Maternity dress BELLY


♥ Loose style, bell-shaped dress, suitable for both slim and curvier women, as well as pregnant women.

♥ Stylish, bright and comfortable - for leisure, work, holidays.

♥ 2 hidden zippers on the front - convenient for breastfeeding


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Designed for everyone, but most loved by pregnant women, that's why it's called - Maternity Dress BELLY

Dress pregnant woman BELLY was created with the comfort of all women in mind. I wanted a dress that was free, comfortable, non-binding and did not restrict movement. The kind that you feel relaxed in, the dress flutters charmingly as you walk, and the capacious pockets always keep what you want to have just "at hand". This is exactly how this dress turned out and it was immediately the most loved by expectant women. After all, in that magical period, when the body goes through new changes every minute, what you want most is comfort and quality in your clothes.

Maternity dress BELLY is a great choice not only during pregnancy, but also for a long time after it

Clothes for pregnant women are usually bought at least after the second pregnancy trimester, when the belly gradually begins to show, and ordinary clothes are harder to fasten, press and constrict. However, as magical as this waiting period is, it doesn't last that long. So if clothes for pregnant women if you purchase it only after reaching the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy, then this garment is useful for a very short time - less than half a year. That's why we've added hidden zippers to this maternity BELLY dress. In order for the dress to serve even after the birth of the baby, with the help of zippers, you will be able to comfortably get to know the little one. And the loose cut of the dress, reminiscent of a bell, will perfectly hide the forms that do not immediately return to their places after pregnancy. Capacious pockets will also come in handy here - when you want to always have your baby's pacifier or pacifier with you.


  • Viscose 10%
  • Polyester: 10%
  • Elastane: 10%

Fabric from which it is made maternity dress – Punto knitwear is a thicker fabric that does not wrinkle when worn. However, it should be emphasized that after washing, it will require ironing. Our advice is not to put the washed dress in the washing machine for a long time. It is better to take it out immediately and after shaking it well, hang it on a hanger. It is true that, like any other knitted fabric, it shows signs of drilling after washing. So you will definitely have to use an iron.

Maintenance: if the dress If you are going to wash in a washing machine, choose a gentle washing program. Wash with mild detergents, liquid soap. Do not use conditioners, softeners. If you wash by hand, we advise you not to soak, wash on low

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 10 cm




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