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Sweater for nursing SLOGAN
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Nursing dress POUCHY PINK


A comfortable dress with pockets and two slits on the sides allows for comfortable movement and does not restrict movement

Can be worn as a dress or tunic.

The soft and comfortable fabric will not allow you to freeze in cool weather, as it retains heat well.

*2 hidden zippers on the front - convenient for breastfeeding women


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When looking at a dress makes you want to hug it. That's what the Pink Nursing Pouchy Dress is all about

Pink and sweet like a soft marshmallow. This one is so convenient and "tasty".  nursing dress Pouchy. It definitely works for moms of boys too, but is especially popular with moms of girls. Maybe because little princesses' dresses and other clothes are often so soft and pink. Sometimes mothers also want to feel like those princesses. And after all, it is so good to hold the little one and get to know them and see another similarity, even if it is reflected in clothes. This is our "powerful" pink nursing dress.

Are pink dresses only for summer? We break this myth - Pouchy nursing dress is the best choice even in winter

Although many people think that pink color is for warm summer. We say you can wear this Pouchy dress best in fall, winter and spring. It is warm enough, so you won't have to think about what else to wear on top. After all, this kind of clothing is the most comfortable. When you don't need to waste time and think about what else to add to it.

True, the "Pouchy" dress can be worn not only as a dress a dress, but in cooler weather, it will work well as a tunic if you want to wear it with thicker suspenders or even trousers. We have specially sewn a longer back so that you don't have to worry about showing more than you would like, in cases where you need to bend over. For example, when a baby begins to take its first steps and constantly needs the firm hands of its mother. And mother, of course, then needs a strong back. Which we took care to protect at least from the threat of wind and overblowing.

A lot of people ask us - how can a dress with such a light go around a baby. After all, those little mischievous people are constantly getting mommy on the clothes. And on a light-colored fabric, those spots are so visible... That's why we always reassure you that this fabric is not just for you. It is simply a super fabric. And we're about to explain why - liquids drain from it "like water from a goose", so if you hurry to clean it, the stain won't even get on nursing dresses Pouchy. if the stain managed to soak in, it can be cleaned quite easily with a cloth moistened with water. And if you noticed the stain only after a long time (it happens, we know, it happens) - don't worry - it will wash off easily (we tried it ourselves with sauce stains).

And even after frequent washing, it does not lose its shape or its charming pink color. True, this fabric is not resistant to heat, so do not put it in the dryer under any circumstances. And don't bother comparing. Simply hang it on a hanger or simply throw it on the back of a chair. It will dry quickly and be like new.


  • Polyester: 85%
  • Elastane: 15%

Fabric from which it is made dress POUCHYneoprene. Despite the fact that it is an unnatural fiber fabric, it has a lot of good properties. It is a fairly thick fabric, so the clothes hold their shape perfectly, the fabric does not show elbows, knees, etc. The clothes fit well and mask imperfections. Neoprene does not wrinkle. If liquid is spilled on the neoprene garment, you can simply drip it off, it will not absorb into the fabric. It is very comfortable, because the fabric is elastic, so it does not restrict movements.

Maintenance:  A dress you can wash it in the washing machine, selecting the fabric-saving mode.

Additional information
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 10 cm

XS, S, M, L



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