Pink leisure pants for women
Pink leisure pants for women
Nursing dress WINDY FALL Blue
Nursing dress WINDY FALL Blue
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Nursing dress WINDY FALL Blue

♥ Loose style, easy to fall dress

♥ Suitable for both slim and rounder women, as well as pregnant women.

♥ Stylish, beautiful and comfortable - for leisure, work, holidays.

♥ 2 hidden zippers on the front - convenient for breastfeeding

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So that even in the cold season of the year, colors will not leave us, we have created a blue dress for nursing WINDY FALL

This hhydra a dress feeding WINDY FALL carries out a serious mission - to bring colors, positivity and good mood to such a rather sad and gloomy season of the year - autumn. As the weather cools down, it's common to choose more muted, darker colors in your outfit. But it is not for nothing that autumn, especially its last month, is considered the gloomiest time of the year. When it gets dark earlier, the weather gets colder, and longing for the recently passed summer often brings melancholy to everyone's lives. But let's face it, sometimes putting on brighter, lighter-colored clothes brightens both your eyes and your mind? That's why we decided to take a risk and offer a light, even summery - blue - colored dress.

light blue a dress for breastfeeding WINDY FALL - when you can feed comfortably, even with a long dress

The thing that most confuses nursing mothers when choosing clothes, and especially in the cold season, is what to wear to comfortably feed the baby. For this reason, dresses are often rejected because it is too cold to go outside with a high neckline. And with a closed one, it is impossible to feed. Especially if you need it while outdoors. After all, you won't be able to get the dress on your head, otherwise you won't be able to feed yourself. And what about long dresses. During the breastfeeding period, they are usually simply removed from the list of options. But we've created a way out - the long WINDY FALL dress that you'll be completely comfortable in to introduce, thanks to the secret zippers sewn into the front of the dress. You will be able to do this anywhere and anytime, which takes away a lot of unnecessary stress and brings a lot of comfort. After all, it is so convenient when you can just sit down on a bench in the park and feed him if the baby cries and asks for milk. It is the comfort and the ability to do it anywhere and anytime, as soon as necessary, that is the main feature of the clothes we create.


  • Linen: 50%
  • Viscose: 47%
  • Elastane: 3%



Maintenance: if the dress If you are going to wash in a washing machine, choose a gentle washing program. Wash with mild detergents, liquid soap. Do not use conditioners, softeners. If you wash by hand, we advise you not to soak, wash at low temperature, wring carefully, dry in a horizontal position (never in a dryer). After drying, they must be smoothed so that the product regains its original appearance.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 10 cm

S, M, L


light blue

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