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Nursing dress TRAPECY

♥ High quality anti-wrinkle fabric
♥ Extremely practical model
♥ Suitable even for expectant mothers
♥ Can be worn with or without a strap

♥2 hidden zippers on the front - convenient for breastfeeding

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Dress for nursing "Trapecy" - bright, playful and stylish

This a dress feeding Trapeze, as soon as we introduced her, she was simply "swept away". Even now, as you read this text, we have only a few units left in our warehouse. And there will be no more dresses of this model and this fabric. The fabric is simply no longer available in Lithuania. And not without reason - the fabric is really beautiful, practical and comfortable. And this dress is often chosen not even by nursing mothers, but by women who want comfortable clothes, for example for work.

The Trapecy nursing dress can be worn in two ways

We love it when a garment has multiple uses, is easy to fit and lasts a long time. For this reason, we also sewed a strap to the dress - it can be worn as a loose, "bell"-shaped dress, and slightly fitted by tying the strap. We know that for women, pockets in clothing are simply essential. That's why this dress also has two comfortable, roomy pockets. The collar of the dress is shirt-type, which gives it a bit of formality, so it can be successfully worn even after returning to work.


  • Viscose: 60%
  • Elastane: 10%
  • Polyester, 30%

The material from which this is made dress adapted for breastfeedingTartan is a checkered fabric woven in a certain way. Killed in Scotland. Was being used would rise for sewing. Nowadays, there are about 4,000 tartan color variations. In Lithuania, the fabric of school uniforms is often found. Precisely because of its strength and resistance to intensive wear. If the fabric can withstand the school bench and children's tricks, it means that it will definitely withstand the challenges that await the mother of a baby.

Maintenance: if this  dress for nursing If you are going to wash in a washing machine, choose a gentle washing program. Wash with mild detergents, liquid soap. Do not use conditioners, softeners. If you wash by hand, we advise you not to soak, wash at low temperature, wring carefully, dry in a horizontal position (never in a dryer). Iron only at a low temperature, as the fabric may shrink.

Although maintenance may sound very "demanding", we always try to choose fabrics that are durable and easy to maintain. So, simply put, wash this one nursing dress put together with the baby's clothes, which you wash with mild detergents. And instead of ironing, hang it still wet on a hanger.


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 10 cm



Red checkered

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