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TV rescuer Gerda Žemaitė: "After giving birth to my son, I thought that was it, my life was over"
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Make-up artist Vaida Juodė "It's easy to fulfill your dreams when you have a supportive partner by your side"

Many famous women have repeatedly called Vaida's hands magical, and with the biggest holidays of the year approaching, there are no more free days in her work calendar. Vaida is not only the mother of two beautiful girls, she is a professional make-up artist who recently founded her own beauty studio "Vaida Juode studio". However, before she became a mother, a woman's hands were more likely to touch banknotes than makeup palettes. Because a few years ago, Vaida worked as a customer service specialist in a bank.

"I was not one of those who dreamed of a big family and children from a young age. To be honest, I didn't think about them until a close friend became a mother. After visiting her, after returning home, I told my husband that I wanted children. Even we were surprised how quickly it was done. And I welcomed the news of motherhood with relief. Not only because there will be a baptized baby at home, but also because I will finally have a reason to leave work" - Vaida Juodė openly tells the Canywhere project "I became a mother, I discovered myself".

A woman working as a make-up artist remembers that her parents constantly reminded her that work should be protected, even if it is not very dear to the heart. The most important thing is that it brings income. Therefore, she was still reluctant to change her activities. Children, as it were, provided that opportunity, freed them, allowed them to think about what they really want to do in life, what to work on. Especially since just being at home with my daughters had brought monotony into life. The first daughter demanded a lot of attention, was restless, and when the second appeared, there was no time for herself at all. Therefore, the young woman began to look for activities that would provide an opportunity to break away from the routine for a while and change the environment.

"I don't know how I chose this field. It wasn't that I "always dreamed of being omniscient", I just somehow naturally started looking for information about it on the Internet, found courses, decided to give it a try. I remember then I didn't even have the income to go to them. But when a close friend found out about it, she was very supportive. He said - go, I'll lend it to you, just go. Such support was very important to me, so I didn't hesitate anymore and went," Vaida recalls.

The second time, the woman received the same support when she found a workplace where she could receive clients. A friend encouraged her by saying that she had savings and would be happy to help her friend achieve her dreams. Vaida's husband also contributed a lot to the fulfillment of her dreams, who was not only very supportive and from the beginning was happy to stay at home with the two girls when the woman went to work. But he also set up a beauty studio for his wife with his own hands.

"My husband has flaws, like every person, but for me he is a perfect man. When I get home after a hard day's work, I find a steaming dinner at home. I can afford to go take a nap for an hour. And the man takes care of the house, the children, and even the guests, if they come. So I am truly grateful to him for enabling me to achieve my goals. And with such a man around, it was much easier to reach them" - the mother of two girls ends her story with a smile, admitting that only after becoming a mother did she finally become what she wanted to become.