Maternity dresses are a comfortable and stylish choice

Maternity dresses are probably the most popular choice of clothing during pregnancy. Guaranteeing that the tummy will feel really free, it won't press anywhere. And even a woman with changed forms will look feminine, charming and stylish. The dress is comfortable to wear in all seasons. The most important thing is to choose the right model and fabric thickness. In our assortment you can find different models suitable for both warm and cold periods. We particularly liked the semi-linen fabric. Which is very pleasant for the body. Due to its naturalness, it does not irritate the skin. And due to the part of artificial fiber in the composition, it guarantees the durability of the garment. And also - that the fabric will not wrinkle and will be easy to care for. Such a golden mean between naturalness and convenience. From this fabric, such long ones as a dress Windy, as well as shorter ones such as Tulip dress.You will also find dresses with long sleeves, in a slightly more formal style. So you will be able to dress up perfectly during the period when you are still working. A dress is perfect for this Spotted Clove.

Dresses for pregnant women will also serve well during breastfeeding

We aim to create ours clothes for pregnant women would serve and be worn not only during pregnancy. So you will find hidden zippers in all our clothes. They really help a lot when it comes to getting to know the baby. So, you can safely wear the dress you wore during pregnancy even after you have the baby in your arms. With regular dresses, breastfeeding becomes too difficult a mission. And often women stop wearing dresses after having a baby. So we made sure that this does not happen. Dresses will not cause any inconvenience. On the contrary, it will be very convenient to get to know the baby when wearing them. All you have to do is open the zipper and the baby will reach the breast. Well, what if you are not going to breastfeed the baby, or in the period when breastfeeding will be over - the dress will continue to be successfully worn. The fabric is of really high quality, so the garment will not wear out for a long time.

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