Maternity pants are the kind that can be worn even after giving birth

Maternity pants are one of the most essential items of clothing during pregnancy. During the nine months of waiting, there is always a period when it is bitterly cold outside. So with dresses, with which, admittedly, during pregnancy is the most comfortable, you may not be able to walk throughout the pregnancy.

Pants are comfortable clothes both during and after pregnancy. However, it is often a shame for a pregnant woman to spend money on specialized pants. After all, after a few months of pregnancy, after giving birth, the pants become simply too big. That's why we tried to create pants that you can safely wear even after giving birth.

Maternity pants - at first glance, no different from ordinary ones

Our mission is to create clothes for our customers that they can wear for as long as possible. That's why we design pants in such a way that their waist is soft and elastic, successfully "laying down" under the growing belly. And when the belly releases a new person into the world, there is absolutely no need to shove the pants in the closet. The soft waist will continue to be very comfortable for the still sensitive, shrinking belly, and the drawstring will help you comfortably adjust the volume. so that the pants do not sag and continue to be worn successfully. And no one will even think that these are specialized pants.

You can easily match the top as well

We always try to create a top that goes well with pants or shorts for pregnant women. So you will find that much in our store jumpers, both t-shirt, which will be suitable both during pregnancy and long after. These clothes are sewn specifically to perfectly "fit" the pregnant belly, but they will continue to be worn after giving birth. Looking beautiful and stylish. And the high quality of the fabrics will guarantee that even long-wearing clothes will not lose their shape and attractive appearance.


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