The dresses we create are subject to the highest quality standards, not short-lived fashions

When creating dresses, we always pay attention to the latest fashion trends, fashionable colors, shades, patterns or fabrics. However, we do not blindly follow short-term fashion trends. Our only goal is not to create something that quickly shoots to the top of fashion and just as quickly gives way to new ones. And to create something that is time-tested, practical and long-lasting. It is true that we always consult with a stylist and include fashionable details in our creations. But we're all about style, not fads.

High quality is always in fashion

During the third year of creation, we realized that the most popular is what is of high quality and practical. So we try to create our dresses taking into account exactly these aspects. First of all, when choosing fabrics, we always check them - whether they do not "bubble", do not wash, do not wrinkle. After washing the piece of fabric, we check whether the fabric does not lose its original color, does not shrink or stretch. We believe that this is one of the most important aspects when choosing a garment like a dress.

We also make sure that the fabric is as easy to maintain as possible - it does not require special care, it does not wrinkle too much. Of course, we also pay a lot of attention to the quality of tailoring. We are glad that our seamstress, who creates the dress with her own hands, from cutting it to the moment of sewing the last seam, takes her work very seriously.

We know that the quality of our products is the face of our company. Therefore, we are happy that our conscience is clear when we give the dresses we have purchased or other clothes we create to our customers. We are guaranteed for the quality of the dresses we sew. And if there is ever a manufacturing error, we always take responsibility and accept the garment back or replace it with a new one. Thus guaranteeing that only the highest quality products end up with customers.

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