Clothes for women, designed by women

Although these clothes for women were designed with the thought of how to adapt ordinary clothes to women who breastfeed breastfeeding babies, we have taken into account the needs of all women, without exception.

After all, it doesn't matter at what stage of life - comfort, high quality, stylish models that are not subject to short-term fashion - are relevant for all women. This is what we focus on, when we create our models.

Every season we try to offer new models of clothes for women

We always think about sustainable consumption and do not encourage excessive purchases. However, being women ourselves, we also understand the desire of other women to update their wardrobe even a little, with the start of a new season. So every season we try to create 1-2 new models. We create them in such a way, that it would be easy to use match with other clothes, not fussy, but stylish. To suit women of all ages. It is not uncommon for both - mothers and daughters - to buy clothes from us. Because we create in such a way, that no age of women is discriminated against.

Our dresses are comfortable in length, without revealing necklines or deepslits. We always think about what flaws a woman would like to disguise, and what advantages of her figure to emphasize. We often incorporate a strap, raising the waist line a little higher, helping to create a more graceful waist. We make sure that the sleeves are practical, not too narrow and not too wide, and their length is as adjustable as possible.

In exceptional cases, women contact us asking for a longer/shorter, narrower or wider garment. And, if the circumstances allow, we try to fulfill these wishes.

We responsibly look for the highest quality fabrics for the clothes we create. Those that do not lose their color during washing, do not stretch or otherwise wear out. So that the clothes we create last a long time and make the women who buy them happy. And their maintenance would be as simple and hassle-free as possible.

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