Dresses for nursing women - combine style and comfort while breastfeeding

Dresses for nursing women are stylish, feminine, comfortable and allow you to feel like a real woman. Made from high quality fabrics. Creating models in such a way as to emphasize the most beautiful advantages of a woman and to mask small flaws.

Dresses for nursing women often seem like a dream garment, which, in that magical period of breastfeeding a baby, seems to be out of reach. It is inconvenient to feed a baby with it, unless the neckline of the dress is large enough, but at the same time, the garment, every time the neckline is made, is damaged and loses its marketable appearance in the long run.

Being mothers ourselves, we understand very well what other nursing mothers need

That's why we started designing dresses that are tailored for nursing. Because as mothers ourselves, we perfectly understand the desire to be beautiful and feminine. Being able to dress up and not restrict yourself.

Breastfeeding mothers often avoid various holidays, because while breastfeeding, it is difficult to find something to wear and to be able to get to know the baby comfortably. And if you ever decide to put on a dress - when the baby is hungry, you have to look for a secluded place where you can lift the dress, stretch the neckline, or even undress at all.

The clothes we create give comfort to nursing mothers

Therefore, the dresses we create for nursing mothers give comfort. The opportunity to dress up and comfortably introduce the baby anywhere and anytime. Hidden zippers are sewn in the front of the dress, it does not expose the entire chest. On the contrary, they reveal just enough to make feeding the baby comfortable, but at the same time - delicate and aesthetic. So, in any environment, a woman can meet the needs of the baby without looking for a private place.

Understanding the needs of women who have given birth, we design clothes for nursing mothers in such a way that they mask the flaws of the figure and highlight the advantages

Realizing that during pregnancy the shape of a woman's body changes, which only gradually returns to its place after childbirth, we design dresses in such a way that the most problematic areas are not emphasized, but rather subtly masked.

Most often, it is the torso area, arms at the upper arms, hips. We usually make these places wider, looser or decorate them with straps. So that a woman feels beautiful and self-confident.

And we create dress models in such a way that even after women have stopped feeding, they can continue to wear them successfully and enjoy long-lasting, high-quality clothing.

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