Breastfeeding jumpers

Breastfeeding jumpers are a very comfortable and practical choice. Thanks to the two hidden zippers in every jumper we create, baby feeding becomes comfortable everywhere and always. This is especially relevant when you want to go for a walk with your baby. And it's cool outside. Wearing regular clothes when your baby is hungry and crying, can be stressful. After all, in order to get acquainted, you need to lift many layers of clothing. Which, when lifted, are quite inconvenient to hold. And when they are raised, they also expose the body, with the risk of catch cold. But ours breastfeeding jumpers does not cause such problems. It is enough to fasten the jacket or coat, then - the secret zipper installed in the jumper, and comfortably breastfeed. You won't have to hold anything apart from your baby. Your body will be exposed just enough for the baby to reach the breast. So you will be able to breastfeed comfortably and not be afraid of freezing.

A great choice for both warm and cold seasons

The jumpers we create are available in several different models and made from different fabrics. You can choose from neoprene jumpers  which are our most popular. They can even stand in for a light jacket. So you can wear it all year round. And at the beginning of autumn - even instead of a jacket. Made of soft knitted fabric jumpers – a comfortable classic. You can easily match them with clothes of various styles. And the free-style, non-fussy model will suit all body types. Thick knitted fabric, with soft fluff inside, jumpers CLOUD - a wonderful choice for the cold season. Soft, thick, comfortable and warm. Therefore, we sincerely believe that you will definitely find a sweater you like and love in our assortment. All of them are created by us - two mothers who have breastfed their babies and know very well the most delicate needs of mothers. We've tried them all ourselves and can guarantee that breastfeeding is definitely more enjoyable without the headache of "what to wear?"

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