Clothes for nursing - to create mothers who know the most delicate needs

Two mothers create clothes for nursing mothers. All clothes are handmade, designed so that nursing mothers can feel beautiful, feminine, happy. And always be able to comfortably and subtly meet the needs of the baby.

We know very well that after having a baby, a woman's body, which recently pleased with a round belly, sometimes starts to feel a little sad after giving birth. Although this is temporary and the body recovers over time. It is not uncommon for women to hide themselves under wide, masking clothes, to lose self-confidence. And you also have to think about what kind of clothes will be the most comfortable to introduce. Clothes that do not hurt to stretch are usually used for this. And with those - you are far from feeling beautiful or feminine. You want to lock yourself in the house and wait for the body to start looking like it was before. We were in that situation ourselves.

Clothes for nursing mothers that make you feel both comfortable and stylish

However, we firmly believe that a woman's body is a miracle and should be loved. That's why we started creating clothes for nursing mothers. Those that mask those places that you would like to hide a little. But there is no "just bags". They emphasize femininity, let us remember that a mother is not only a mother. She is also a woman. In its prime.

The fabrics from which we sew nursing clothes are carefully selected based on three criteria - comfort, quality and durability, and easy care.

We know very well that it is important that the clothes not only look beautiful, but also be comfortable, with unrestricted movements. This is extremely important for mothers raising babies, when they have to do a lot of work with a baby in their arms.

We always choose quality fabrics and those that do not lose their shape and color even after many washings. And their surface is not covered with "bubbles".

And, of course, our clothes are easy to maintain for nursing mothers. They do not need to be ironed, after washing, it is enough to hang them on a hanger and let them dry by themselves.

We create clothes that you will love to wear not only during breastfeeding, but long after.

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