Clothes for nursing mothers and pregnant women - designed like yourself. The most important thing is quality, style, comfort

Clothes for nursing mothers and for pregnant women are created in such a way that they are not only convenient and allow comfort to introduce a baby, but also a woman wearing them would feel really beautiful and feminine. After all, it often happens that during this delicate period, women forget themselves and their needs, thinking only about the baby. But loving yourself is no less important than loving your child.

The period of waiting and breastfeeding is truly magical, but at the same time a bit unbalancing. Hormones that control thought and behavior often prevent the mother from seeing the real picture. When looking at themselves, women often see only growing shapes, growing roundness and forget that these changes do not take away from them, but only add to their beauty. Therefore, it is very important that the clothes worn during that period emphasize and remind them of this.

In the most delicate period - clothes of the highest quality for nursing mothers and pregnant women

When choosing the fabrics from which to sew the clothes we create, we always think about how often and under what circumstances and occasions they will be worn. Taking into account the fact that mothers of babies are often "rewarded" with stains, we look for fabrics from which they can be easily cleaned. We certainly managed to find a few! They are used to sew everyday, mostly worn clothes, such as jumpers or casual dresses.

We also know that mothers have to wash their clothes much more often, so the fabrics we select are long-lasting. This means that they do not wash, do not lose their color properties. And also, it does not lose its shape from frequent wear and does not accumulate "bumps". Of course, they are not "invincible" like work uniforms, but we guarantee that they will serve you for a very long time.

When raising a baby, more than any other period of life, everything is short of time. Especially for the pleasures of ironing. That is why we are always looking for fabrics that do not need to be ironed. It is enough to hang them on a hanger after washing and let them dry by themselves.

The comfort of the fabric is certainly not the least important. Therefore, we are always looking for elastic, soft, body-friendly fabrics. Although many of the fabrics we use are non-natural fibers, they are not inferior in quality, and in many cases, even surpass natural fiber fabrics. Our selected fabrics are easy to care for, breathable and elastic. And clothes made from them are pleasant to wear and last a long time.


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