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Nursing clothes - a luxury or a necessity? Part I

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Nursing clothes - a luxury or a necessity? Part I

In the public space, there is often a debate among mothers - whether it is worth investing and buying clothes for breastfeeding mothers. Arguments and opinions abound. Some women claim that they breastfed their babies best by adjusting regular clothes by simply lifting them up or stretching the neckline wider. Others say that they buy regular clothes, they just choose the ones that are easy to unfasten - that is, they are buttoned or unzipped in the front. The third say that the breastfeeding phase lasts so little that it is not worth investing in special clothes that you will not wear later.

But we want to tell you about the other side, about us and other moms who are looking for clothes that are adapted for comfortable breastfeeding. And why we decided to create it ourselves clothes for breastfeeding women.

Each area has its own clothing

Sometimes we joke that you can swim in underwear, but it's much more comfortable in a bathing suit. After all, it is created in such a way that it is maximally comfortable specifically for bathing. For this, the appropriate fabric and model are selected, it is convenient to move with it. It's the same with nursing clothes - you can adjust any garment, lift it up, pull it down, unbutton it. But when we design clothes that are specifically designed for breastfeeding, we design them to be, first and foremost, comfortable. It would not be necessary to lift the bottom of the shirt and hold it with your chin or hand. There should be no need to stretch the neckline, which eventually loses its appearance and has to be thrown away, because it is simply no longer beautiful and unaesthetic to wear. In this way, stretchy clothes also become temporary. Only they are not as comfortable to breastfeed as with specially adapted ones.

Subtle breastfeeding in public

It must be admitted that breastfeeding is an absolutely natural process and a mother should be able to do it without restriction anywhere and anytime. But exposing your naked body in public is quite another. Not all women enjoy getting up t-shirt, expose your belly or back. And what to talk about the cold seasons, during which it is not only timid, but also cold to sit with a bare stomach. Nursing clothes are designed to allow easy access to the breast without exposing the rest of the body. In this way, breastfeeding can be delicate and pleasant anywhere, without looking for a special place where there are no other people or it is not cold.

When you don't have to worry about what to wear to be comfortable

Especially in the first months of breastfeeding a baby, when he is not yet strong and independent enough to hold himself and take the breast properly, the mother needs maximum comfort and easy access to the breast. In order to be able to help the baby properly encircle the breast, so that the breast is not pressed and bumps do not form. So that you can focus on keeping the baby comfortable, not on the lifted garment. Finding such clothes in regular stores becomes a real headache. Mothers often decide to spend more time at home than to worry about what to wear, so that it will be convenient if the little one decides to eat after leaving. Specially adapted clothes not only take away the "headache" - what to wear here. But it also helps the mother not to close herself at home, to continue her social life. Because even one sweater or t-shirt brings so much comfort to everyday life that you can't even understand if you don't try it on.


To be continued in part two…